1.1 Introduction

Social media is a computer-based technology that enables the exchange of concepts, ideas, and knowledge through online groups and networks. The internet-based social media platforms allow users to rapidly share anything, including videos, pictures, documents, and personal data. Users interact with social media through web-based software or applications on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Despite being widely utilized in America and Europe, social media usage is most common in Asia, particularly Indonesia and India. According to Datareportal, in July 2022, there are 4.70 billion social media users worldwide.

Table 1

Country User
India 755.7 million
USA 302.5 million
Indonesia 217.53 million
Brazil 165.45 million
Russia 115.05 million
Japan 101.98 million
Mexico 98.21 million
Philippines 84.07 million
China 1021.96 million
  • Stats of social media
  • Country-Wise Users:According to Statista, the top 10 countries with the highest social media users as of 2022 are in the following table.
Source: Statista

Figure 1

Source: Statista

  • Gender-Wise Users: According to Backlinko, by region, which gender uses social media more?

Table 2

Continents Male Female
South America 48% 52%
Africa 48% 52%
Europe 50% 50%
Oceania 47% 53%
Asia 73% 27%

Figure 2

Source: Backlinko

  • Age-Wise Users: According to oberlo.in, these are the stats of age-wise social media users worldwide.

Table 3

Age Percentage
20-29 32.2%
30-39 22.2%
40-49 14.4%
50-59 9.8%
60+ 8.4%
13-19 13.1%

Figure 3


Source: oberlo.in

  • Device-Wise Users on social media: These stats from Khoros and Backlinko give the details of the preferred devices to use social media.

Table 4

Social media   Mobile Other Device
Instagram 96% 4%
Linked-In 57%  43%
Twitter 80% 20%
YouTube 70% 30%
Facebook 81.8%  18.2%
1.3 Types of social media

Figure 4

1.3 Types of social media

Facebook: For years, Facebook has dominated global social media. It has well over 2 billion active users right now. Because so many people use social media, Facebook is a popular business tool. Facebook gives you the opportunity to transform your customer base into a community because of its broad appeal and reach. You can set up a Facebook page for your company and share eye-catching photos of it in action. You can also let your followers know when you have new offers on your goods and services.

Instagram: Although Instagram is still a relatively new social network, it has experienced exponential growth. Currently, the network has over 1 billion active monthly users, the majority of whom are 34 years of age or younger. For marketers aiming to reach young, trendy demographics, Instagram is the best social media channel. Instagram usage is also more prevalent in cities, making it the perfect venue for your business if it deals with digital technology and fashion. Short videos and images with brief captions perform exceptionally well on the platform. Instagram also connects to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing you to share the same content on all of them.

LinkedIn: When it comes to networking and making business relationships, LinkedIn is by far the most effective social media site. A strong community of almost 610 million self-reported users, including both employees and business owners from various industries, makes up the platform. This platform is more formal than other social networks because users connect professionally.

Twitter: Twitter is another popular social media site for small and large businesses, with 330 million monthly active users. Users of the network can access fresh material and data from across the internet. Today, barely any brands exist without a Twitter account to communicate with their customers. Despite having a smaller audience than Facebook, one of Twitter’s main advantages is that it is one of the most widely used platforms. One tweet on Twitter can be brief, educational, and engaging. You get a wider audience as people re-tweet what you’ve written.

YouTube: After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine with roughly 2 billion monthly users. On this platform, comedy and music perform exceptionally well, yet brand-conscious entrepreneurs can still use them to advertise their businesses. How can you maximize YouTube in order to reach your audience? You may, though, have a range of choices. You can create product reviews, instructional videos, and other similar content for your target audience. The best advantage of using YouTube is that it increases your visibility because your videos appear in Google search results as well. Additionally, you can cross-promote your content across various social media networks.


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